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Tommy Briggs

I understand why we have range finders, I also do not think slope is a big difference. If you do not understand hitting to an elevated green requires more club slope is probably not going to help you.

My point is if the rules state slope is not allowed, slope is not allowed.

I repeat I do not care if someone is using slope mode but it is a violation of the rules. That is all I was saying in my original post.

Jeffrey in the example you described a lost ball is a lost ball. If the ball is lost in the “rough” however long or deep the rough is, the ball is lost. With virtual certainty you can all agree the ball is in the rough, that does not mean it is not lost. If I hit my drive 300 yards but miss the fairway right or left and cannot find the ball it is lost, regardless of whether we all agree the ball is in the rough.

If the course has been unable to mow they can designate certain areas as GUR. However as someone once told me there is no relief from a bad shot, if those players are unable to hit the ball long enough to reach the fairway off the tee, I would suggest they are playing from the wrong tees or need to address the issue with the club pro and ask to have the tees they play from be moved up.

There are a lot of rules that do not make sense, (Not allowing a provisional if your ball might be in a hazard) but they have addressed a few of them with this last revision, hopefully they will add more. I personally have always felt there should be a set of “tournament rules” and a set of “regular rules”.

If the goal is to speed up play too many regular golfers are handicapped when they try to play by the rules. I played in a tournament yesterday and it poured. The horn sounded and two people were DQ’d for playing out the hole they were on and three more were DQ’d for practicing on the putting green before we were released.

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