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Rick Kimbrell

I realize that Southern Bermuda grasses are much different. I hear people who are not used to putting on Bermuda greens complain about how slow they are. I play almost exclusively on Bermuda greens all year yet when I go to MB, the greens there this time of year are absolutely the slowest I play on all year. I just hope I draw courses that actually have grass on their greens and their traps have at least been raked/turned before we start play. In the past, I have drawn courses that failed in both of those categories.

For the handicap scenario and those of you living where your golf season is shorter, there have been a fair share of players who have won the overall championship from northern states. I realize not everyone can play golf every day but I think those who do so well play enough golf to get their game close to their handicap. Once daylight savings time starts, you kinda have to figure out a way to play enough golf to hone your game. Not saying it is easy to do.

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