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Rick Kimbrell

Bob, you are correct. Founders was horrible last year. While it wasn’t as bad as the year I played Barefoot Norman on greens that were layered in sand (not just dusted with sand like you do when you punch greens) Founders was just not good. I played The Witch one year when the greens were very sparse with huge bare spots on them but they weren’t sanded and you did not have to play thru footprints on them. I would much rather play in those conditions, if we have to play a course with greens not in good shape. But, it wasn’t just the greens at Founders…I thought the entire course was in bad shape.
I remember people complaining loudly about conditions down at Wedgefield for several years. Crap, when I played Wedgefield, it was in better shape than Founders was last year.

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