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Why would you have to ask for a rules official if you already know the course and know that it can’t handle the 24″ of rain we have had the last month? I already know that this part of the course would be mowed to rough height on a normal golf day as it is right before the fairway. And I’ve played this course for 20+ years. They don’t normally have a swampy area right there when I play it during a dry year. Hmmmmmm? We have a course here that got a lake of water in the middle of the fairway after a hard rain and it was over a foot deep. I guess Tommy would also have that a lost ball if you didn’t go in and find it even after seeing the splash and seeing a ball 20 feet away in the puddle. You have to be All Time Rules Nazi! Congrats! I’m sure there will be plenty of players happy to play with you hovering over their every move. For those in my flight, I’d give them the 95% if we all seen and agree. If it’s toward an out of bounds or way into the trees, well, that’s a stretch.

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