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Play the course and the ball as it lies? Your an idiot. When the courses are flooded you want to play it like it lies. You’ve got to be the dumbest golfer on the planet. Even the pros don’t play it as it lies when they get wet conditions on the course.

This my friends is exactly why you get together as a foursome to come up with an accurate rendering of the ruling, which cover this kind of circumstance, and don’t let Tommy be the Nazi in the group. He’s way off base and totally wrong and nobody should ever be penalized for hitting the ball into the flooded part of a hole especially when everyone knows about where it is. Guys like Tommy enjoy seeing guys have to go back to the tee box to hit again. I’m sure Tommy would watch the ball plunge into the muck and then make you go back again when you don’t find it within 3 minutes. Good luck to those who have to play with Tommy. We had a guy like you at the last tournament I played. The guy was over trying to give his playing partner bad rules decisions. When they got back to the clubhouse the pro sided with the player not the rules Nazi. Better yet is the player placed in the flight and the Nazi ended up behind him out of the money. That’s Awesome!

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