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Tommy Briggs

Jeffrey we are talking about one single statement you made, one single example you provided. I agree common sense prevails in circumstances you encounter during tournament play. We are talking about the one single statement you made about the rough not being mown and you declaring it as GUR/AGC. In tournament play you cannot claim the rough is too thick and take free relief, period. I agree in the example you used rain caused the inability to mow the rough, but in many tournaments the course allows the rough to grow on purpose to make the course more challenging. Even if our whole group decides it is unfair and should have been marked, if it does not meet the criteria, we have to play it. You always have the right to play a second ball and ask for a ruling after the round. If the course made a mistake how do other groups play the course. All golfers must play the same course, if any single player declares GUR/AGC, OOB, Penalty areas it affects the course everyone else is playing.

I am not a rules Nazi, (Which by the way I am sure our Jewish friends would not appreciate the reference) I am talking about the single statement you made that you have the right to declare an unmown area as GUR/AGC even though the course did NOT.

The rules establish what is GUR/AGC, any areas that meet the rules do not require marking, the group in those cases can declare an area as such, whether it is marked or not, provided it meets the criteria.

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