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Funny, Tommy, I don’t see anywhere in the ruling that you can’t as a player following the rules can’t declare an obvious area of the course where they didn’t mow because they have the common sense not to bury their lawn mower in the OBVIOUS too wet condition. The rules of golf are common sense. Obviously not high on your list. There is a big difference between a LOST BALL and a ball lost in an abnormal condition. Not a water hazard or grass plant. An Abnormal Condition.

And I really don’t think we need to bring the Jews into the Rules Nazi issue. My grandpa killed many a Nazi during WWII. He came in on the 2nd wave of Normandy thankfully. My dad asked him one time if he ever killed anybody over there. He said, “I killed a lot of people.” And that’s all he said about that. He was a machine gunner on a half track. And from what I heard they didn’t have a very long combat mortality rate in those things. But he made it back.

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