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Tommy Briggs

Jeffrey lets end this once and for all. You might actually be a nice guy and the name calling and all that was a result of you having a bad day. Are you a betting man? Pick an amount, $100, $500, $1,000 dollars. I’ll meet you at the 19th hole and we will find a rules official and each of us hand him the money. We will ask him the question and winner takes all.

By the way before you jump in, I spoke to a USGA rules official, and he brought up these points for you to consider before you make a wager.

The USGA does not define the length of rough, so the rough cannot by definition be too long, regardless of how it came to be “too long”. (The mower could have been broken, the area could have been to wet to mow, how does the tournament field know?)

How do players who have never seen a course until they play it in a tournament know an area is normally mown? (You are applying local knowledge which is not available to everyone playing in a tourney)

How do I know they could not mow the area, but would have if they were able to?

How does a course when they create local rules / deviations to be used in the tournament completely ignore an area you claim is so blatantly in violation of the rules? (It is easy to add a local rule, and inform the committee, “Due to inclimate weather some areas of the course ……)
How does the tournament / committee when they create rules sheets completely ignore an area you claim is so blatantly in violation of the rules? (It is easy to add to the rules sheet, “Due to inclimate weather some areas of the course ……)

I really think you are confusing how the local members should / would play the course versus how a tournament should play the course. YOU KNOW the course, YOU KNOW the area and what it SHOULD look like and how it SHOULD be maintained. Maybe it SHOULD have been marked, maybe the course SHOULD have made a local rule, maybe the committee should have identified it when they walked the course. However in a tournament unless the course announces either verbally or in a rules sheet a local rule / deviation to the USGA Rules of Golf, the Rules of Golf apply.

And here is the kicker no one can argue and deflates your argument. Once everyone tees off you cannot retroactively amend a rule that affects a hole that has been played by any portion of the field, no matter how egregious the condition.

The length of the rough is not addressed in the rules of golf. The length of the rough is not a condition that allows a course / committee to designate it as AGC. The length of the rough does not fall under Ground Under Repair which is the closest argument you have to claiming it is AGC.

Again I know I am being redundant but you continue to refer to the long thick rough as an obvious AGC area, how is it obvious to me or to the field if we have never played the course?
Like I said show me a rule that says if the rough is too long or too thick a player can declare it as GUR.

Meet me at the 19th hole and I’ll buy you a drink and we can ask a rules official for fun, but if you still think you are right, we can place a wager. And by the way I almost always advise a player if they have broken a rule. I rarely charge a player with a penalty, unless they repeat the same infraction after being informed. And I always encourage a player to play two balls if they think I am wrong and let the committee decide after the round what was the correct play.

Have a great day, see you in August

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