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Bob Newman

I really do not understand how this went from being about “Known or Virtually Certain” to this. But in a nutshell, the Player must play the course as you find it and the Ball as it lies. It is the Committees responsibility to “mark the Course and define the rules of competition. A course can not arbitrarily make a local rule that the USGA has not approved. The players cannot decide that an area should have been marked and proceed that way. The only thing a player can do is announce he is playing 2 balls under 20.1c(3)— while you are reading that Rule also read 20.1c(1) NO RIGHT TO DECIDE RULES ISSUES BY AGREEMENT. You can call in a Rover Official (which we do not have in WA) or call for a Committee member, and also can not Unduly delay.. There is also a .procedure to follow in playing under 20.1c(3) and failure to report to committee is DQ.
Do not bet on this Jeffery, you will NOT Win.

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