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Tommy Briggs

I have tried to be nice about this but I have had enough. Anytime you enter a tournament that says the tournament is played under USGA rules, you play by USGA rules. If you don’t like the rules or don’t want to play by them then maybe tournament golf is not for you. By entering you agreed to play by the rules, all the rules. IS THAT TOO HARD FOR YOUR STUPID LITTLE MIND TO COMPREHEND.

From the World Am website:
Rules of Competition
The Myrtle Beach World Amateur adheres to USGA rules of golf and USGA handicap requirements. Players are welcome to download the USGA “Rules of Golf App” to become familiar with all rules of tournament play.

You know you are wrong and yet you deflect by calling me names, insulting me and changing the subject. Are you too simple minded to follow through with the original argument, or is your only course of action to continue to deflect instead of being man enough to admit you were wrong.

Be a man and bring a grand with you to the 19th hole and lets see who is right. Thousand dollars is all it takes to prove you have ballz. I personally don’t think you have the ballz because you know you are wrong. Put your money where your loud moronic mouth is.

Your stupidity is evident by the fact you think playing by the rules will drastically change the time it takes you to play. I have played hundreds of amateur tournaments on four different continents, I have played professionally and it does not take any more time to play by the rules than it does not to.

What’s it going to be, $1,000.00 dollars to man up, if you have the ballz. Come on man, be a man, bring cash.

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