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Tommy Briggs

I don’t think you have the ballz because you are constantly changing your argument. You did not mention temporary water in your first 8 posts and relief from temporary water is not the argument we are debating.

Like I said before I get no pleasure by proving you wrong, you know you are wrong and so does everyone else reading this. Maybe you are having another bad day but insulting me or calling me names does not change the fact you are wrong.

First you said it was a lost ball in unmown grass that the course did not designate as ACC, the tournament committee did not announce any areas as ACC or include it in their rules sheet, and you said it was within your rights to declare it as ACC and take free relief, because you know it should have been mowed. This is the original argument you made, do you still stand behind this argument?

Then after discussing this with some high school golf coach you changed your argument to relief because of the embedded ball rule, but only IF THE COMMITTEE declared as such, which you had previously said you did not need in order for you to declare an area as ACC, which that argument is also wrong on so many levels as I pointed out. This is the second argument you introduced, do you still stand behind this one?

Now after both of those arguments have been disproven and you knew you were wrong all along you want to use temporary water. Yes Jeffrey if the area was full of temporary water you would get free relief BUT THAT WAS NOT YOUR ARGUMENT.

Lets stick to your original argument;
A. You said the course did not announce any areas as abnormal course conditions or declare a local rule declaring areas of the course as ACC created by extreme weather conditions.
B. The tournament committee did not announce any or include any areas as ACC in their rule sheet
C. You said a player hit his ball into thicker than normal rough and could not find his ball,
D. You said you had the right to arbitrarily declare the area as ACC because you knew it should have been mown and granted free relief
This is the argument I maintain you are completely wrong about. I also maintain you are completely wrong about the embedded rule as well. I prefer we stop introducing new arguments every time I disprove your arguments. Let’s stick to the original argument.

By the way you apply to the USGA to reinstate your amateur status, pay a fee and based on several conditions they determine a period of time that must pass and if during that time you abide by all the amateur rules the USGA performs a final review and with a favorable ruling you’re amateur status is reinstated.

Jeffrey you are wrong, you know you are wrong and you need to stop, you are embarrassing yourself. Bring a grand or drop it.

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