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“There is no gambling here at Bushwood and I never slice!” What part of the “we’ve been under water for the past 2 months” didn’t you understand? The courses here are that wet. I think that was made clear in my first couple of posts. They would need about 100 cans of white paint per course around here to mark the wet areas on every hole.

Original argument? A. why would the course announce it? This was a group of old men playing in a 54 hole tournament in front of me that hit into this situation. Their tournament, not the courses. I hit my ball 100 yards past that area. I was giving them the rule, which is correct. If they would have had the tournament director come out and look at the area they would have ruled in favor of a free drop.

BTW, I know the rule on reinstatement. Just throwing some more wood on your fire. In other words, you sucked as a pro. Or maybe you penalized yourself too much. LOL

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