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Tommy Briggs

Jeffrey once again when you know you are wrong you start calling me names and insulting me. Neither action makes you right.

You never mentioned temporary water until post #9. First you argued the rough was too long because they were not able to mow because of excessive rain, and you took free relief because you know the area should have been mown. Then you brought the embedded rule into the argument and finally you found a rule that was accurate. Congratulations, temporary water is the right answer, but it took you 8 posts to bring it into the argument, go back and read what you wrote and what I wrote, it is pretty clear.

Regarding my professional career or my amateur career, let sit down and compare yours Q school scores to mine? How about your career earnings versus mine? Amateur results? Its easy for you to criticize me, when you have never played at the level I have. For what its worth three back surgeries and a torn meniscus don’t help your game much.

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