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Listen, Tommy, the biggest concern people have in this tournament and biggest reason they don’t play is that they feel there is too many sandbaggers. Now, I’m not calling you out, but, by your comments in previous threads you boast about how much money you won as a professional. Now your playing in your 3rd World Am this year and we see you won your flight in your second World Am. I get the speech last year from the WA staff after posting an even par round which I had never done previously in the 16 years I’ve been here that “my handicap is based on my potential”. So I’m just throwing this out there, if you were a pro then your handicap was on the plus side of the scale, right? I’m sorry, but, I don’t buy into someone coming into the World Am with a 7 to 10 handicap that use to be a pro even if he had medical problems. You probably still chip like a pro and putt like a pro. That in itself will beat any 7 to 10 handicap just about every day of the week.

So your argument about regaining your amateur status and playing in the World Am in the handicap division I might add, I think a lot of people will take offense to that if they knew the facts. But…..That’s why they have a gross division for 49 & under and 50 and above now. But if winning your flight is that important then I guess you do whatever you think you must to compete at your high level. Your obviously way better at the handicap game than I will ever be.

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