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Jason Moore


Great Question to post for discussion. Group of us came down from Maryland in 2015 for the first time to see what it was about. While I missed last year my buddies came down and we are all back together this year. We are spread out but most of us are playing in the first flight and we’ve had a great experience. The competitor in me wants to win but I enjoy the competition with guys of equal caliber. While my play hasn’t been great and personal success limited to a dozen of balls over the years its a great time. The Value, Location and a week at the beach what more do you need.

As far as Mr. Barbas we sparred back in forth many years ago (2015) because like he currently does he just trolls people who want to have a great time. I know many Golf Pros that are 5-10hcp and was lucky to pass the PAT to move forward. Keep grinding and good luck this year

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