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Tommy Briggs

I am going to hope the sarcasm and viciousness ends with this, so I will respond.

I never boasted about how much money I made as a professional, go back and reread what I wrote. Reality was when I played there was no money to be made. In 1989 The Players Championship paid 243K to the winner (Tom Kite), which was almost twice as much as any other PGA event. Tom Kite led the PGA Tour in earnings that year with $1.35M. Compare those numbers to today and then add in hundreds of thousands of dollars in endorsements and sponsorships deals.

In 1989, I played on the Hooters tour, (which is now the Korn Ferry tour, was the Nationwide tour, Web.com tour among other iterations over the years) a great year was $50K – $75K, hardly enough money to live on when you are living in hotel rooms, driving all over the country hoping to make a cut so you can go out and have a decent meal instead of the free wings the host club provided. (If you got there early enough). There were three of us who travelled together, the low two rounds got the beds, the highest round slept on the couch if there was one or on the floor. There was no serious sponsorship money, we had to be entered in a tournament that week to get a dozen balls and a hat from the Titleist rep. We got one set of clubs a year and had to buy our own clothing. Most of the money we made was from playing local golfers who wanted a chance to “beat a pro”.

I was a +2 in 1988 when I qualified for the Hooters tour and was chasing a tour card. Every day, unless I was playing and I mean EVERY SINGLE DAY, I hit 500 balls. I putted another couple hundred balls every single day. So yes, there were not too many things I did poorly 30 years ago. My primary motivation for playing was the top finishers received an entry into Q school finals.

Since 1996 I have had three back surgeries, I need to have another but I am going to pass because I will not go through another one. I had one torn meniscus fixed I need to have the other done and scar tissue removed from the one that was repaired. My hands don’t work right, there is nothing left, mostly bone on bone, my fingers lock up if I make a fist.

This year I will probably play less than 50 rounds, I have played 20 something so far this year. I haven’t been to the driving range in several years. Yes, I know the proper technique to hit a golf ball, yes, my short game is the best part of my game. But I have to have a good short game when I only hit my driver 210 – 220 yards. I tell people I am a New Testament golfer, “My mind is willing but the flesh is weak”. Yes, I occasionally shoot a round in the low 70’s but most of the time I am in the high 70’s low 80’s.

I understand your sentiment about sandbaggers which is one of the reasons I fully support the World Am’s position to adjust handicaps mid tourney or DQ a golfer for an “Exceptional Round”. I have seen too many net tourneys where the winner shoots his career round. Normally I play gross tourneys because it eliminates the potential for cheating.

Jeffrey you may be a nice guy but chastising me for my accomplishments is petty. I sincerely hope it ends now. If you do not understand or accept the toll 30 years and major medical issues have on your body, I only hope you never have to experience them. Ask Tiger at 35 how a single back surgery sets you back. I play in the Net flight because it is where my game belongs today, if my scores dictate it the World Am staff will take the appropriate actions. Playing and cheating in the World Am for a stupid $600.00 is silly, there are places I can play for thousands. $600. will not excite me enough to go to the range and try to get back in top golf shape. I actually play because a friend I help wants to play.

Good luck, Fairways and greens

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