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Dale Craig

Jeffrey and Tommy, I’m sure you guys are both great guys and probably fun to play with, but for the love of God, please let your BB war come to an end! I personally am tired of seeing this go on and on. I was brought up with the belief that if you don’t have something nice to say to someone, don’t say anything at all.

As for the point of this discussion thread….I play because I love to compete, no matter where it is and with whomever I play with. The WA is the only opportunity I have to play somewhere besides my club and the occasional state tournament. I have ZERO hope of winning my flight or anything probably remotely close. I came to my first WA 4 years ago with the hope of finishing in the top 10 and finished 12th and was very happy. The last 2 years I finished near the very bottom of my flight thanks to a typical blowup round or two which I always seem to throw in. This year I expect even less as my handicap at the end of last year was at a low for me (7.9) and I am not currently playing anywhere near that. In fact I’m struggling to break 90 at my home course (which I’ve played for 35 years) and know like the back of my hand. So, coming to the WA and playing courses I’ve probably never played before in conditions I’m not used to does not give me much hope. But, I will come and if no else jumps in, I will also run the skins game for the flights I play with and love the hell out of it. Because I will meet almost everyone and get to make a few lucky(or skilled) guys much happier with hopefully some great skin payouts.

so lets all take a breath, relax and if you’re like me counting the days until I fly into MB International and get to meet back up with some of the guys I’ve met and made friends with over the last 4 years. Cheers!!!!

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