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Rick Kimbrell

This will be my 32nd consecutive year to play. First off, I enjoy playing competitive golf and the WA provides the opportunity to play with a bunch of guys at or near the same handicap.
So, for me I would say I come to put my game up against others of similar skill rating.
Next, it is a great golf vacation and I come with a bunch of friends of similar interests.
I get a chance to play golf with people from all over the world and the opportunity to make a friend, or friends, for life.
The 19th hole provides the opportunity to reconnect with friends I have made over all these years I have played and generally this is the only time I ever get to see them.
I always enter with the idea/hope of winning my flight and I have done so. But, even if I don’t win my flight I want to finish inside the top 10…preferably the top 5.
Lastly…IT IS FUN!!!

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