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David Baker

I play cause I get 8-9 days in MB playing golf with great people. Do I want to win? Hell yeah. Do I try hard, yep. Sometimes good sometime not so good. But I really enjoy the courses and the people. Do we still have sandbaggers? Yes of course, that may never change. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but not everyone is entitled to speak their opinion. I almost won my flight the 2 or third time I played. Who cares if someone was a former professional and is now an amatuer. Good for him and congratulations on living your dream. Who wouldn’t like to try that. Tommy, I have no reason to believe you are anything but an honorable person. Let us put this behind us and move on to have a great WA and lift a few drinks while doing it. Jeffery, get over this and let the WA do their job, which I believe they will. We can all meet for a drink,shake hands and tell golf stories. Hope to meet all of you.

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