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Tommy Briggs

Let’s really put this to bed.

I played on the Hooters tour as an amateur and IF I would have had success and IF I would have earned a tour card and IF I thought I could have earned a living I would have turned professional. The Hooters tour provided a free ride to Q school finals, all expenses paid, if you finished in the top 10 in earnings. There was no real money to earn when I played and sacrificing my amateur status was not worth it unless I could make a living doing it. I played to try to earn a free ride to Q school, unfortunately I did not make it. I did get a chance to play against numerous players who went on to have success in the PGA tour. I did have some success but not a top ten year, and one year was all my wife was willing to give me and one year was all I could afford to take off from the real world. It was her or golf and like many bad decisions I have made in my lifetime, I chose my wife.

There are thousands of players who have tried to make golf their career and failed. Success in golf goes beyond great golf, it impacts your personal life, living in cheap motels, living off whatever free food you can find, is not the lifestyle many think of when they think of how professional golfers live. When I decided to chase the dream, starting out was not very glamorous, even on the PGA tour it was a struggle, There was no sponsorship money like there is today. No tv or marketing opportunities.

I would not trade what I did for anything, but it was a different game when I played and even though I don’t like him, Tiger changed the game of golf tremendously for the good, and golf owes him a great debt. I just wished he had come along 20 years earlier.

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