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Lets just say congrats to the new guys on day 1 since they have the best chance of winning the flight. If you ever noticed it’s usually the players in their first 2 years that win their division. They World Am staff have no history of these players performance in the event and as long as their handicap looks good on paper and they know how to play the handicap game by not falling into the automatic adjustment number then they have the best chance of winning.
For those of us that have been playing for years we know that they use everything they can against us. This year I will have to play to my World Am handicap that will probably be around a 4 to 4.1 from 2 rounds last WA. Good thing I only had 1 good round. Unfortunately it cost me and another player that tied me any chance of placing because they whacked both of us for 11 shots for the week. So, no, I probably don’t have a real good chance to compete for 1st. Or maybe even to place. I’m still going to try anyways. I’m not the kind of guy that is going to back off when you have a good round going just to avoid the adjustment process. But, every year I hear of the same stuff happening like that within flights. There are some people that will do anything to win. Some they catch, some not.

That’s why we have skins games. It’s a solid week of skins. So even if you blow yourself out of it on Monday, which most of us will do, we still have something to play hard for. It keeps it interesting anyways.

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