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This has been our worst year for golf in Northeast Ohio. We had about 5″ of rain in a couple day span this last week and I had to put a lot of cable drops up and cut a lot of trees off the lines. Some pretty big trees came down from a micro burst. Our area for golf has been hit hard this year. My home course was flooded and only had 9 holes that you had to walk open for about 2 weeks. My old home course has had water laying across 4 holes in the low area that all you see is brown dead grass and it’s pretty much mud there. I can’t remember when we had this much rain all through the summer up until this point. We should be at our best with dry conditions being the norm right now. Not happening. I played a tournament last weekend that we finally got a few dry days there. Storms missed them thankfully. Manakiki is a Cleveland Metroparks course in Willoughby,OH about 1 hour 15 minutes north of my place. It drains well except for a few holes. great course if your ever near there.

Most of the courses by my house have lost a ton of revenue due to rain and flooding. With as many courses that are closing down for good it definitely has our concern. It’s not like they are going to get that money back.

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