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Tommy Briggs

I play mostly FSGA tournaments and they post your scores for you. A know quite a few people who don’t post “weekend” scores because they play a little loose with the rules. They are surprised to find out the USGA allows for “gimmies” and some other flexibility to insurs you enter all of your scores.
I think the WA does a great job reviewing handicaps, if you know what you are looking for it is very hard to deceive the committee. The only way I know of would be to tank an entire years worth of scores to raise your handicap, but even then if you have played in the WA before they will reduce you based on previous years. So you would have to tank a couple of years to slip it by. Then if you exceed your handicap the WA will adjust you mid round. I don’t know anyone who is going to tank 2 years worth of golf for a $600 WA gift card?

The USGA is giving away 2019 rule books, I agree 1,000 percent, rule books a d rule sheets should be provided.

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