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Rick Kimbrell

Guys, I have run skins in my flights several years. I don’t advertise that I will but you can bet your butt if no one else does…I will. Since we have 2 flights on same course, I will run a game for both flights combined. It is great fun to meet everyone and no I don’t mind staying and doing it. But, if someone else steps up and says they will do it, I will be more than happy to help any way I can. Aside from that…I will not participate in any skins game that someone takes money out because they are running it and thinks they are owed something for doing it. If I run it, if you tip me…fine. If you buy me a drink…fine. If you dis me and take the cash…fine. In my games, every dollar taken in is paid out to the winners.
Oh, and BTW..if you don’t hang around and you win a skin…you will get full payment next day (some will not do that). And, if you win on last day and leave…I will contact WA, get your contact info, get in touch with you, and send you the money. That is the honest way of doing business in these games.

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