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For everyone running the skins game, please, have a plan in place for the last day in case every hole gets cut. I’ve run it in the past for several years in the flights I was in and never had a problem, well, on the last day anyways. You have to report your birdies! Combined skins in flights 3 and 4. I’ll either be in flight 2 or the first handicap of the Seniors. There are a few friends that are possibly moving to the Seniors that might persuade me to move, and I would think I might possibly have a slightly better chance at a skin playing against the scratch Seniors and low handicap 1st flight of seniors. And I heard they combined last year as well vs. splitting in the 49 & under last year. I like the big pot even if I don’t win anything. I’ll try and help out if I can. I make up some good boards for the game that I can bring for Birdies and Eagles. There is going to be 3 of us coming down and probably 3 different flights. My nephews first year and he will be in the high handicap flight. I think they will have me at a 4.1 and my friend is a 5.5 for his year low I think. 4.9 was the cut last year for 2 and 3 so we will be in different flights most likely.

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