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Dale Craig

Guys, Can I suggest we start a new thread for the 2019 Skins posts? No reason to recycle last years skins posts.

Last year I wrote up a rules sheet, I handed out to everyone who paid me for skins. This was a tremendous improvement over previous years as it plainly laid out the rules and responsibilities.
I had no issues with people handing me course scorecards and other common questions that I got tired of answering. Believe me. Before I started the rules sheets, the number of guys who handed me a course scorecard with only their score and no one attesting it was huge.

This is what I handed every skins player.

“Cost to enter is $20/$20/$20/$40. $100 gets you in for the whole week. If you get in for only 1 day and there was a carryover, then you must pay the previous days $20 in order to be eligible for that days skins.
All skins are Gross skins only and skins are for combined both flights. There are no individual flight skins.
There can be only 1 winner per hole. 2 tie all tie. In the event there are no winners, then the entire pot carries over to the next day. On Thursday, if there are no individual winners, then tied Eagles will be paid first (I’d love to see this happen!), then 2 tied birdies will be paid and if no 2 tied birdies then 3 tied etc. All skins paid out immediately following all players turning in their cards and skins determined.
MOST IMPORTANTLY!! Only “Official” Score Cards are excepted, NOT the tear strip you kept your score on, NOT a course Score card. If you cannot stay due to my still playing before you have to leave, then you must have a fellow player in your group take a picture with your name and scores legible, so that I can attest your birdies, or I will attempt to verify with the pro shop. BUT, someone from your group or another competitor must inform me that you have a “potential” skin.”

Finally, I don’t know how others always handle Thursday payouts if there are no outright winners or a winner doesn’t want to stick around, I don’t think it is my responsibility to “Find you”. If your schedule is so tight that you can’t stick around for an extra hour on Thursday to collect your skin money, then it shouldn’t be mine either. If you aren’t there, I will pay out those skins to the other winners who did stick around. I like doing the skins, but I am volunteering and am not going give up even more of my vacation because someone doesn’t want to get paid, and you expect me to go looking for you.

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