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Ken Delaney did a nice job last year. I did like his idea of taking a picture of your scorecard and texting it to him if you couldn’t stick around. One thing that is also nice is that the World Am has hole by hole scores on the website now, but, you can only see them for the players in your flight. If you decide to hold off to pay until the next morning for the first 3 days then you need a buddy in the other flight to verify scores. I use to talk to the pro to verify scores for skins. They never had a problem letting me see the cards. They also know the longer the guy running the skins is there the more money in the clubhouse they will make. It’s a win, win! It’s never a bad thing if someone keeps a scorecard with all the players first and last names on them and that card is turned in for skins. It makes for a good accounting process because we really don’t like to miss anyone and have to pay out money that shouldn’t have been paid out. Trust me. It happens and it’s usually inadvertent. Just because it seemed like an easy hole, turn it in. You never know.

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