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Rick Kimbrell

Well, I am sure we will hear more than once that they expect us to play in 4 hours. And, as soon as that is said, you will hear a bunch of snickering. With 96+ players on the course, 2 groups starting on multiple holes…fat chance. Honestly, if we can finish in 5 hours or less…I will be a happy camper. As Dale McMath, who posted above, knows…we can play in less than 4 hours many times but not on a stacked golf course with people having to putt everything out.
I think the flagstick in, flagstick out can create a slow down because some people want it in on 2 foot putts. I prefer it out. One thing that can help…continuous putting. Remember, most of these greens are some form of Bermuda grass and dozens of folks have walked in your line before we even get there. Putt the ball out and move on. Most of all, don’t sit on your ass in the cart while others are playing their shot. BE READY!!! You get 40seconds to play your shot when it is your turn to play…Geez…that is a hell of a long time if you think about it.

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