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Rick Kimbrell

The pro goes over the “rules” and anything that is “local rule” before we tee off on every round. If you bother to take a moment before he starts announcing all that to read what is on the cart about the rules, you can check to see if there are any specified “drop areas’. If you don’t see anything mentioned about drop areas…what should you do? WOW…just ask the question when the pro is going over all this stuff. In a phrase…this ain’t rocket science. Just ask. He will clarify it and tell you if there are any drop areas and where.
Don’t argue with whether or not you think the “drop area” is legal by USGA rules or not…just do what the rules sheet tells you or what the pro states during his session before we go out.
So, if you are worried about what you could have known/should have known/what would have benefited you…ASK.
BTW…when his is going over the rules, please don’t ask (1) is the “one ball” rule in effect or (2) does your umbrella count as a one of your 14 clubs. 🙂

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