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Rick Kimbrell

Generally speaking, Round 1 on Monday is the slowest. Everyone still has a chance of winning. You can’t win your flight on Day 1 but you can sure shoot yourself out of contention. So, I think people are more cautious, take extra amount of time(not always a good thing) and pay more attention to ever aspect of their game. Worst I have seen was 6hour 40minutes for a Monday round. Talk about miserable. More recently, right around 5 has been the norm. After Monday, it seems to speed up a bit. But, this all depends on where you are on the course and who is slow ahead of you. I find it amazing that some groups finish at least an hour ahead of the later groups coming in. Gotta wonder what went wrong out there and who was holding it up.
Now, if we have rain, standing water, CPO…all bets are off on how long it will take.

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