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Michael Linthicum

This is my 1st World Am but I have Uncles that play almost every year and i have been warned about the slow play and 5-6 hr rounds. I recently played in a tournament that had around 120 players and wasnt a shotgun start and my 1st round was right at 6 hrs and mainly cause the group in front of us, a couple of the players wanted the flag in and the others wanted it out. It was frustrating having to sit and watch the flag go in and then be pulled over and over again. My thought is before this year it had to be out so everyone should be used to it being out. With that being said i understand with putts that are the length of the green and you wanna leave it in but after that 1st putt pull it. At my home course i asked the pro what his take on it was and he said that on average it doesnt speed up play at all

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