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Dale Craig

I used to really let slow play get to me, to where it affected my own play. I finally learned or maybe as I’ve gotten older figured out that there are way more things in life to worry about than how long it takes to play a round of golf (surviving cancer does that to you!). Don’t get me wrong I love to get a round in as quick as possible and the reason that my fun rounds on the weekends it is usually my usual friends and partners at my club and we will be among the first groups out and usually play in around 3 hours. This way we get to play and then have the rest of the day for the family or other things, but come tournaments, I know it will take however long it takes. It is not in my control to worry about the rest of the field and why it is taking so long. In fact I can’t help but laugh when I actually see how dumb some players can seem. I will never understand when I’m a hundred yards out and waiting to hit my wedge on to the green and watching some guy walking around a putt, looking at it from every angle, then plumb bobbing, approach the ball take 4 or 5 practice swings and then seem to freeze and when he finally putts the ball in and reaches down and it was a 1 foot putt. REALLY!!!!

As for the whole pin in /pin out thing. I’ve really found and my friends and I have now decided that it is actually faster for all of us and has yet to make a difference (meaning I have yet to see a putt deflected from going in) by leaving the pin in. So for us the consensus is to just leave the pin in. In fact I think I putt better with it in. I feel like my depth perception is better and break and distance are easier for me to read. If I get stuck playing with someone who insists on it out, I just go along and play with it out. No biggie, it’s how I’ve played for 45 years.

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