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Ken Weatherford

In the first several times I came, I didn’t meet anyone, except out on the golf course…and of course, that is very competitive. In the last few years, I have met some people that I have played with over the years and they remember me or I remember them. I love to compete, but starting to really enjoy the company and conversations with people I get to meet.

Last year, first time in about 10 years, I met some people at the party on Sunday. That was cool, because in years past, since I am from Oklahoma, I really don’t have many other Oklahoma players I know around Oklahoma City…I have been the only player from OKC, almost every year.

I have also gotten to know Scott and a couple of the other tournament hosts and they’re great people. Finally, after about 8 years, my wife finally met someone, and now they are really good friends throughout the year. We really enjoy the entertainment in Myrtle Beach, and finding more things to do, all the time.

You guys are just a great bunch of people to be around.

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