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Ken Weatherford

I work on getting those two women off the green when they were there for 10 minutes. My buddy said he was going to go get them off so he jumped in the cart. About five minutes and he’s back. He said, “Ken, I just couldn’t do it! As I got closer to the green, I noticed one was my wife and the other was my girlfriend.” So, I told my buddy I’d handle it. Jumped in the cart and about five minutes later I get back to the tee and say, “Damn Bob! Small world aint it!

Okay, seriously, I like working mostly on my short game, since it sucks so bad. Actually, the putting is good but the chipping and pitching is horrible. Then, playing around last night, no skulls. Eureka moment that I’ll ingrain for life. Naaaaa! Always forget those ah ha moments in golf. If I just play a stroke (or five) better, I would be happy. As someone else said, I also love the skins. Somehow I always seem to win one most of the time…and on the last day!

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