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Rick Kimbrell

Ken, I have run skins off and on for a bunch of years. I have software that I could be used but honestly I don’t want to drag my computer around to do it. I have a spreadsheet that I load up every year with names, print out what I need and have it available to use if no one else runs skins. Everything that is paid in gets paid out. I hold nothing back, do not skim off top. I am dead set against that myself. I have never lost money, just my time, doing the skins. I have had people buy me drinks, give me tip(s) and people who have taken $1000 and did not even say so much as “Thank you”. I don’t do it for the money. I like meeting people who I will be sharing the golf course with for 4 days. I don’t really understand how you can actually lose money doing skins. Also, if I am running skins, I put my money in just like everyone else. So, if you feel you should get something for running it…that is your decision. If you happened to be in my flight and running skins, as long as I know you are going to do that in advance…then I have a decision to make…Do I want to participate or not. Pretty much every year, I am going to ask whomever is running the skins…are you taking a cut or getting free entry into it yourself?

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