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Bob Newman

It always good to listen to the instructions, provided the skins guy gives the pro enough time to speak. If drop zones are in effect, at MB, they are in areas that skirt the rules and speed up play. They are not correct drop zones and benefit the players that use them and not the players that do not need them. Buy if they are there use them to your advantage, I have used a DZ on a par 3 and had a 15 ft putt from the collar of green to make a par. If the sheet tells you a DZ I s on that hole, whether you know it or not, and you put a ball in play from spot it last crossed the penalty area, that is the ball in play because you put the ball in play which was one of the options. Even if you know the ball is possibly in a penalty area, you can play a provisional if ball could be lost other than penalty area.

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