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Rick Murgittroyd

A few years ago, I listened to the two guys I was riding in, even though I thought they were wrong, and it cost me.

At True Blue, I hit a ball on a short par three that hit the side of the hill left of the green and over the hazard, then watched it run into the pond. I headed for the place it landed and rolled in to take my two-club lengths but they said no, I had to go to the drop zone. After discussing it, I relented and ended up with a triple. After getting in the cart, I looked at the rule sheet again, and it said, on that hole to drop where it last crossed the red-staked hazard, as is the USGA rule.

I was upset at myself for listening to them, but I should have played two balls and let the pro decide.
Here’s my point, if you’re not sure, play two and let the pro sort it out. People don’t always know what they are talking about.

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