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David Baker

Many of your ideas for speeding up play are excellent. But how do you speed up golfers who are struggling or 4 somes who are struggling? I look at it this way. Yes I wouldn’t mind 4 hour rounds. But being on a golf course on a nice day with good people doesn’t bother me. I have learned that letting pace of play upset me only makes for a worse game and lost shots. I came to MB to play golf so being on a great course, or any course, makes for an enjoyable day. No matter what time I finish I’m going to lunch, back to where I’m staying for a shower or a lounging in the pool. Great day. There is nothing that we can do to make the round faster. Golfers are going to struggle and fall behind, especially with a loaded golf course. There is always have a few drinks to ease the frustration and get on with enjoying the day and the golf.

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