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Rick Kimbrell

Leaving Houston on Southwest Thursday afternoon 22nd flying into Charleston. Pick up rent car and drive up to MB. Check in hotel-Doubletree.
Have not booked courses yet but the plan is to play 2 courses on Friday, 2 courses on Saturday, 1 course on Sunday.
Will do check-in for WA either Saturday afternoon or Sunday AM.
Planning on going to Broadway at the Beach Sunday afternoon.
Then 4 days or tournament golf.
Hope to make the Finals but if not will be playing 2 courses on Friday.
Play 1 more round Saturday 31st, then turn in rent car in MB and fly out of MB on American back to Houston.
As far as the Convention Center is concerned…plan on going every night. Lots of friends I have met in my 31 years of playing in the WA I only get to see here.
So, 9 days of golf hopefully playing 12 rounds. Fun with the gang from Houston and the tournament leagues I play in, seeing my friends from the WA and enjoying my 3rd week of retirement. There will be some Crown and Scotch consumed during these 9 days for sure.

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