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Rick Kimbrell

Bob, I am pretty much the same way. Honestly playing the WA, the only times I have really paid a lot of attention to what the 2 guys who I am not keeping score for have has been on the last day and if I was in one of the lead groups. The general phrase walking off the green is “What did everybody have?” At that point, if one of the scores does not sound right then you get out of the way and replay the hole with the guy to see if he is right.
First of all, I am going to keep my own score on the tear off bottom of the scorecard I am scoring. I want to resolve any scoring issues on my card before we get to the parking lot to put up our clubs. Some people do not like doing it but it is perfectly legal to switch cards within your own cart. So you and whomever you are riding with can easily keep each others scores. You only have to switch cards with someone, not switch cards and carts. Waiting till you get to the clubhouse…I don’t know how many times I have seen guys who played poorly throw their clubs in the trunk, just sign whatever and drive off saying “turn my card in”. I have also seen official scorecards go missing because they were not in the players own hands before getting to the clubhouse. To each his own but I want my card scored, verified, signed and in my hands to turn in by the time I get to my rent car to put up my clubs. Then I know mine is right and that it got turned in because I turn it in myself. Different topic but anyone who does not turn in their own card is only asking for trouble/DQ.

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