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Rick Murgittroyd

I was leading the flight a few years ago and got paired with the guy in second. We were at True Blue and it seemed these two, its when we played in threesomes,were bent on messing with me. It was a real fun round. I called him on the second hole, a par five, for not counting his strokes. He took four to get out of a bunker and should have had a ten, but wanted to take an 8. After that, I counted his every swing.

After the found was over, I had beat him by three strokes. Then, I forgot to turn my card in, but that’s another story. (I was later told by a committee member I could have brought it to them and they may have allowed it).

Any way, that was round three. When I saw the posted scores, he was two strokes better than what he turned in. I went directly to the scoring table at the 19th hole, manned by a committee member, and asked him to pull the card. He did, and the player had erased his score on another hole and replaced it. It was obvious. The response was do you REALLY want to pursue this? It’s going to be trouble for everyone. I told him heck yes. This guy was cheating and wan him DQed. He told me I’d have to find the guy and send him over to the table to start action. I, as you might imagine, upset with how that went. Oddly enough, I found him later, confronted him, and told him the committee wanted to speak to him. He took off like a scared rabbit. I went back over to the table, the man said the cheater never came to the table. I asked him how he was going to proceed, he shrugged and told me he’d check it out but don’t hold my breath. He eventually won the flight and I’ve been gone four four years. I was greatly disappointed in the way the older fella at the table handled this and filed a complaint later that went nowhere. All that to say, we WILL be using ink on the score cards this year. 🙂

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