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When I ran it I had my own accounting system I do. I bring 4 different flight sheets for every day of the tournament. First day if you paid me $100 that’s beside your name. The next days sheet will read $80, then $60 and finally $40 on the last day. For those few that forgot to bring their money on Monday and paid $20 they needed to find me on Tuesday. It’s may sound like work, but, the money always came out correct.

Next, when the guys stopped to report their birdies and eagles I put a check mark by their name. If I have to (And I don’t want to have to) I would ask the course to check a few cards and they never had a problem pulling them for me to check for birdies and eagles. The longer we are there the more money they make at the bar or clubhouse. This is my way of checks and balance. I never like to pay someone out that really doesn’t deserve it.

I have sheets made up for each day with the course holes and par on it and two boxes beside them. A row of birdies and row of eagles. Haven’t seen the Albatross in this event yet. I end up putting 2 names in the box and then X it out. I will also mark how many additional birdies were on each hole when they get turned in just for whatever.

I think Ken Delaney liked my sheets last year. I was glad to help out in some way. The biggest thing is that as long as someone honest and diligent does it then everyone appreciates it. So an official scorecard shown is great. A scorecard from every group (one scorecard) with all players last names and first if you can fit them, legible preferred, turned in to who is running skins can make sure everyone is accounted for makes the job of the guy running it a lot easier. But we know that probably won’t happen. It would be nice though. But however you guys decide to do it, thanks for doing it.

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