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I don’t really know what planet you guys are playing on, but, I’ve seen and heard and had holes myself that ended up higher than 9 and I play in the 5 to 7 handicap flights every year. When the penalty shots start adding up quickly after your 3rd or 4th ball off the tee and your hitting 5 or 7 it makes it pretty hard to make a 9 sometimes. You get a hole that has OB left and right or an unmarked deep wooded area that your possibility of finding the ball is slim and none and you won’t be able to find it to hit it or have any drop that would help within the rules it’s going to be a big number. I’ve seen pro’s at Firestone end up with a 9 on the card back when they played here. Amazing part was he still had a 9 hole score in the 30’s on the side. So I guess I have to side with David T. on this one. Taking a 9 vs. earning a 9 is whole lot different in tournament play.

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