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Played with Dewayne Moore out in Mesquite, NV at Casa Blanca. He was having a great round about 2 or 3 over par. Get to the last hole of the day, a par 4. He snap hooks his drive into the worst spot on the course. He’s in play but (1) he can’t find his ball and (2) he can’t play it if he did find it (3) taking an unplayable wouldn’t have helped him on a line back or two club lengths. So after repeating this tee shot 3 times he finally hits an iron off the tee and then makes a par with his 4th ball. Plus 3 lost balls equals an 11. So he turned his 74 into an 81 just that easy.

My friend played in the 2nd flight(where I’ll be this year) that took a double digit number on hole 9 at the World Tour. You know, the Open holes that is fairway about 200 yards wide. I heard he hit his tee shot OB off the tee. Then the shank OB or two. The guy was a 1 or 2 handicap.

I don’t know how many times I’ve ended my Mesquite Am tournament with a perfect 10! I can remember twice at least. I know I could have placed in the event had I not taken the 10 though.

After every World Am round, everyone is in the clubhouse yucking it up. And the majority of the stories aren’t about our good holes. Most of the time it’s talking about the big number we took on a hole. Ticked at the time, but, now that it’s over we sit back and laugh about it. There is a little Jean van de Velde in all of us. And yes, we could have played a 9 iron all the way down the hole and finished better!

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