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Rick Murgittroyd

I guess I have to say this. 🙂 I’m changing my thoughts on the 9 stroke max rule. I love fast play as much as anyone. But, in all reality, when did this tourney become about speeding things up to this point? I know that the speed of play is the number one complaint but are there other ways? Where are the marshalls to put groups on notice? Where is the ready play golf? Where is the provisional off the tee when a shot could be in trouble? Why are people marking a 6 inch putt? Why aren’t 4somes policing themselves to stay with the group in front of them? People don’t mark their ball for identification. I’ve seen that far too often and it can slow down play. Will the three minute search rule help? I’m sure you all could come up with lots of ways to increase the speed of the event. Maybe the WA folks could put together a flyer on picking up the pace.

The threesome thing was abolished, as I hear it, because it was hard to monitor folks riding alone, etc. so that’s now out. That did speed up play, however.

I loved this tourney because it was the closest thing to a Major most of us would get. I don’t play because I’m all that concerned about the pace of play, unless we start getting over that 5 hour thing. I suppose this rule changes that some, but, we’ll see if it really impacts the speed of a few rounds.

10 days for me!


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