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Tommy Briggs

I personally find all healthy debates stimulating. I find it interesting to read other people opinions on issues that affect all of us.

I think the more controversial the subject, the more personal some issues are the more some people are going to be offended by opposing points of view.

My opinion regarding the pick up 9 ruling has changed, I now think it should only apply to flights with handicaps higher than a 12 or 15. I think in single digit handicap flights it is a moot point and would rarely be used. I can see it as a benefit to a higher handicapper and help the pace of play.

The same applies to the new OB rule, I think to a higher handicapper it could prove beneficial and help with pace. Lower handicappers are not going to be as affected.

The caveat is Friday only one set of rules must apply and the pick up 9 rule must be thrown out.

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