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Ken Delaney

I have witnessed many of “high numbers” through the years by myself and many others. It’s no fun watching it unfold and it’s even worse being the one who’s “unwrapping the package”.

And I can certainly understand all sides of the argument but let’s just see how this goes. It would certainly be “hard to take” if you’re playing with a guy on Monday who can’t get the ball in bounds on a particular hole but picks up at 9. Then on Thursday, he’s right there at the top by 1 or 2 and you just know he wouldn’t be there if that 9 turned into a 12 or a 14… I think that scenario is far fetched but possible.

I hope to not even have to think about that myself, but if I do (more than once), at my handicap (8.8), I shouldn’t expect to have a chance Thursday morning!!

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