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Rick, shot 90 on Day 4 in the 3rd flight at Pawley’s Plantation a couple years back. Was in 2nd place that year and finished 5th. I didn’t think I would have even been in the top 10 after that round. I guess that’s how tough that course can play. Big numbers can happen to anyone at anytime. I tin cupped a par 3 in a tournament one year and took a 13.

Tommy, I might have mistaken on the par or bogey. In any event it was still an 11 he had on the card. It’s amazing how it creeps up on you toward the last few holes of a tournament round. It’s usually my 17th hole played in a tournament that bites me. And like I said, I’ve taken the perfect 10 2 years in a row on the last hole of an event before.

Just keeping it real, if anyone thinks it will only help the higher handicaps that’s a farce. Maybe for placing top 5.

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