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Dale Craig

Ride share is a great idea. 2 years ago I offered to be a driver for anyone in the 2 flights I was with for the week. Barely an hour after I registered the WA people called me and asked if I was still willing to drive a guy for the week. I said sure as long as they were staying reasonably close to where I was staying. Well we met on Sunday night at the Opening party at the house of blues and have stayed in touch since. Turned out my new friend was here for his 1st WA and came over from the UK. He and his brother were both playing in it, and now they are coming back. My buddies from the US and these guys got together every night and partied like we’d known each other for years. Can’t wait to catch back up, play a practice round and get together again. The beauty of golf and how it can bring people together.

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