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Charles Gray

JT thanks for following along on this. When we communicated the other day I was thinking that we were in a different hdcp range than where it appears that I will be placed. I would love to hook up still with you if we do end up being so close. The 12 mth index handed me a dose of reality, so I reposted again thinking we were going to be spaced too far apart. Looks like we may be close after all. I have no issue at all with arriving early and leaving later. Part of the process, thanks again!

Tommy, from past experience I have learned that it is never too early to put out a feeler. I hate waiting until the last minute for anything so I started the process a bit early, completely understanding that nothing could be settled until flights actually come out. My last time playing in this there was no ride share info at sign up so this was a nice piece of news that I learned earlier today. If anything it started getting my juices flowing just talking about the world am.

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